Full Body Balance Workout

from Team Xplore
4 years ago

A full body balance workout using only an exercise ball and some light dumbbells.

An example of how to apply the circuit:

10-12 reps (on each leg) - Single Leg Stiff Leg Deadlift + One Arm Row
10-12 reps - One Arm Overhead Press on One Leg
8-10 (each) - Single Leg Squat
10-15 (per side) - Single Leg Swiss Ball Crunch
10-15 - Swiss Ball Supermans
15-20 - Swiss Ball Reverse Back Extensions
10-15 - Bird Dog with Crunch
10+ Rock & Rolls

**At the end of the circuit take a small break or preferably add a 2 minute cardio round like skipping rope then take a 1-2 minute break and repeat the circuit 2-4 times.

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