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If the wind is howling outside and slush is covering the sidewalk, running on the treadmill seems like a good substitute for slipping and sliding on the sidewalks and roads. However, it’s important to keep in mind that treadmill running is not a precise equivalent to running outside. There are subtle but significant differences to keep in mind as you plan your workout.

Here are five tips for training on a treadmill.

1. Don’t take the “calories burned” figure literally. This is a great motivator, but the number provided isn’t a completely accurate measure of the effect of your workout. The reason is that the machine’s estimate includes not only the calories burned through exercise but also calories burned at rest over the same period. In other words, the calories that you would have burned sitting for the time period of the workout are also factored into the total.

2. Don’t omit your warm-up. You may assume that a warm-up isn’t necessary, as you walk through your toasty warm house to get to the treadmill, but that assumption would be incorrect. As with any other

You've lost weight (or you're naturally thin), but those jiggling thighs are the only thing preventing you from wearing those short-shorts or swimsuit.  As a part of your body that is used most, it's easy to wonder how your thighs can be so flabby and untoned.  When your thighs seem to keep jiggling long after you've stopped moving, it really does a number on your self-confidence and body image.  If this all sounds familiar, there are some super-easy moves you can do that will banish the "jello" on your thighs in no time flat. 

Contrary to popular belief, you do not have to run, jog, or even walk to have sleek, toned thighs (although cardiovascular exercise does offer many health and fitness benefits).  The fact is, you can tone up those flabby thighs (including the inner thigh, a particularly problem area for women) doing these 5 simple moves from the comfort and privacy of your own home.  All you need is an exercise mat and some light hand-held weights, about 3 to 8 lbs. each depending upon your fitness level.

1.  Squats

One of the most effective

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P90X is an abbreviated way of saying Power 90 Extreme. It's the second act of Beach Body and Tony Horton’s archetype Power 90 program - the program that made both Tony and Beach Body renowned in the home fitness world. Even so, this time around, Tony’s 90-day physical fitness plan is retooled and set up to help you get in the most bang-up shape of your life. This world-class, first-rate, fat burning 90-day journey, nets superior results, no gym membership required.

The Bedrock of P90X

A crack squad of physical fitness experts, men of science, and the world-famous Tony Horton underwent painstaking feats across months and months to produce the P90X program. The program they created consists of 12 assorted physical exercise routines, broken into three distinguishable phrases, each 30-days long. At the conclusion of each 30-day phase, you record your progression and move to the following phase where you garner a totally new chance to “bring it” thanks to brand-new, assorted and muscle stimulating workouts.

P90X employs the scientific discipline of muscle

We all know that one of the necessary things needed to keep an automobile in good condition is cooling the engine when it gets hot.  Well the same principle applies to the human body.  When the body and mind are constantly overworked, their efficiency in performing their duties diminishes.  Modern social life, food, work and even play make it difficult for the modern man to use a proper relaxation technique for rejuvenation.  An observance of nature will show us that animals love relaxation and sleep.  They get as much sleep as they want.  Rest and sleep are essential to recharge our nervous energy as our physical, emotional and mental balance depends on the quantity and quality of these vital necessities.  They are the only things that recharge these batteries and allow for the proper elimination of metabolic wastes. But just how can one learn a proper relaxation technique?  Only the corpse pose offered to us in Yoga can aid modern man to recapture the art of relaxation.  In order to achieve this, three methods are used by the yogis.

The three methods are known as physical, mental